Rebirthing The Hair Witch

Curious about how hair, herbalism and your soul can combine to rebirth the Hair Witch?

There is legit SO much content and answers to these questions, it would take me a lifetime to share. So instead, I crafted a mini workshop for you, my Pro Hairstylists wanting to learn a bit more about herbalism of hair, Wildflower and The Rose and finding your own magick.

What's Included?

You want the insight, the knowledge, the know how. Awesome! But what about you? Where do you fall in this space of herbs, healing and plants? I've found honoring yourself *first* and how you flow through life will have an insanely positive affect on how you craft with herbs for hair healing sessions.

  • A practice & lesson in learning about who you are on a soul level with 4 different methodologies.

  • A video session where I share what herbalism of hair means to me and how we can combine the two modalities behind the chair.

  • An insanely fun and crafty way to put your dreams to work, Plus an exclusive invite to join The Wildflower and The Rose Family!

Course curriculum

    1. Wildflower Journal

    2. No Really, Who Are You? Finding Yourself on A Soul Level

    3. Soul Work

    4. Thank You, Kindred Soul

    1. Herbalism and Hair; My Thoughts

    2. Herbalism of Hair with Wildflower and the Rose

    1. My Favorite...Daydreaming!

    2. Dreaming Hella Big

    1. Invitation to Join Wildflower and The Rose

    2. Welcome to The Wildflower and The Rose Hair Healer Intensive

    3. Let's Get Growing

About this course

  • $97.00
  • 12 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Energetic Exchange aka Pricing

Want to dip your toes solo? Yeah! The $97 option is perfect. Needing a little more guidance and some feedback from someone who's lived it? Select the $297 option for a reduced mentor session rate with me AND access to this workshop.

Your Mentor

Chelsea Stephens

As I have wandered this path, I've allowed the flowers to teach me, tell me their stories and guide me on my own healing journey. Acupuncture was my first taste of wholistic healing, then later on I studied aromatherapy, herbalism, flower essences, Reiki mastership and growing my Intuitive abilities. I knew I loved these modalities, but had no idea what would grow from them. I did the "organic" salon thing with the low tox colors and haircare that had sprinkling of earth dust But it kept feeling so off, so inauthentic. Then the colors started bothering my already fragile system. I knew I had to trust my knowledge and follow the path to herbal hairstyling + flower hair coloring methods. So here I am, sharing with you in hopes of nurturing a healing, creative and authentic space for all Wildflowers to grow.